Blackhead removal

Blackhead removal peeling masque 

Blackhead removal facial mask from Crystal Beauty Secret company. If you are having skin issues you are at the right place and time. Blackhead removal peel-off mask is boosting your self esteem and face beauty.

Blackhead removal

Blackheads & Whiteheads 

Blackheads and whiteheads can be really annoying. They can appear on every type of skin, age and gender. The bad thing is blackheads and whiteheads can grow in pimples if not removed on time. Only way they can be removed is by pulling out or squeezing.The second way is not recommended. Maybe can be pleasure for some of you. But, trust me it can permanently damage your skin. Also from time to time the pores are getting bigger and more affected by forming acne.

I say, the first method, can be only done by peel-off mask, Black peel-of mask, to be more accurate. Blackhead removal Black Mask with it’s advanced formula gives you 100 % results. It works like glue pulling all dirt out, just fantastic! If you are reading this, ans still haven’t found your skin solution, don’t wait and make your purchase. Take a quick look at this link here .

Discovering face products 

I’m a guy and as a modern man i found that skin care is very important part of your life. Shinny and clean face completes every man appearance, like a second outfit. Since i was a teenager i suffered from oily face and plugged skin pores. Having blackheads on my nose and foreheads kills my self esteem and made me insecure and shy, having second thoughts when talking with girls. It was unpleasant feeling asking your self if anybody likes you because of your problematic skin.

Now and then i was using some cosmetic product. The problem was they were showing temporary visible effects and after that back to the same or worst. I have spend too much money and nerves that makes me tired. For some of you maybe this would be strange, knowing i’m a man, but trust me every girl appreciates a good-looking guy with marked hygiene routines.

Black Mask 

At my cousin’s house i noticed the blackhead removal mask. Went to the bathroom and it was displayed on the shelf. Took it and ask my cousin Martha what kind of product is this. The company name didn’t sound familiar at all. She told me it Crystal Secret is new brand on the US beauty market in our states. And that the mask is only available online. You cannot find this product in supermarkets.

From the start i was interested, asked her to send me the link so i can make a order at my home. First think entering home was logging on Facebook and searching for the link. I understand they was offering 2 days free costs shipping and one month product guarantee. Make my order, got my tracking number and went to bed.

Two days after my blackhead removal purifying mask was delivered in my home, just as promised, just as expected. I try it the same day and i was, and still am, very satisfied. My face has no more ugly things inside the pores and i’m very happy about it and going to order again.

11 Jun 2017

Blackhead removal

Blackhead removal

Having face issues. This is a blackhead removal mask review. Remove your blackheads and whiteheads once and for all. I give you blackhead removal Crystal Secret black mask.  blackhead removal

This is a peel-off facial mask. The newest cosmetic innovation on the market. It’s from Crystal Beauty Secret company in the United States.

If you want to have a clean and soft face skin you must buy this one. This mask works like magic. It removes those nasty blackheads and whiteheads. Leaves your skin soft, clean and beautiful. Prevent forming acne and pimples. Removes peach fuzz and ingrown hair from your face.

It’s like a multiple cosmetic product. Also contains menthol, with gives you fresh and bright look on your skin. Revitalization in a few steps.

Home remedy for problematic skin

Why to use facial mask at home? The answer is: saving money! This cosmetic product is cheap, easy to apply it and you have free shipping to your home. If we take a look at other treatments expenses:

IPL takes 15 to 30 minutes and starts at $300 per treatment.

LED takes about one minute, costs $100 to $150 per treatment.

The cost of a skin peel ranges from $150 to $300.

Isolaz Deep Pore Therapy costs over $500 per session and requires at least 3.

But Crystal Secret Black Mask cost only $20. You can make the deference and do the math. Say bye bye to expensive treatments in beauty saloons. Have your magic remedy at home. Check it out here

How to use it

Using this product is very easy and simple. There is a few steps you need to follow. Instructions to comply in order to have the best effect from the mask. As any other cosmetic product. If you don’t stick to the instructions you will have no desirable results.

I use to play cards with my ladies friends time to time. We chat about anything that comes to our minds. Exchanging experiences of what is good and bad. That is how i heard about the mask. One of my friends order it online a while ago. She showed me their Facebook profile and messaged me the link.

When i came home i opened the page to read the reviews. The blackhead removal mask has had very good comments. Also photos from satisfied buyers. I made my order without further doubts. Got a message back instantly that my mask will be at my home in two days.

Two days! That was one big surprise given the circumstances. All my life i’m waiting for something or someone. I was a little dubious but what a hell. Let’s wait and see. And just like that, my purchase was at my doorsteps 48 hours as promised. What a relieved. The last thing i had to do was trying it.

Went to my bathroom. Washed gently my face. Make a face steam (as a suggestion from Crystal Secret Instagram page) for ten minutes. Wipe out my face with clean towel and apply the mask. Those 30 minutes went by so fast. I was to preoccupied by the mirror and taking selfies.

When i peel off the mask it was pain free. Absolutely wonderful feeling and enjoyable experience. My compliments for the company and their fantastic item. It makes me happier…


07 Jun 2017

Blackhead removal

Blackhead removal

Hello friends! Must share with you my experience with blackhead removal mask. It’s simply amazing blackhead removal cosmetic revolution! One of my girls found this blackhead removal “magic trick” on Facebook. New trends come along with blackhead removal facial peel off masks.

I have two lovely daughters. The elder one is obsessed with Internet Browsing. She is online 24/7, always looking for some trending products. We live in a new era where shopping needs you can satisfied buying online with credit card. That is great thing today especially for busy moms like me. I saw the blackhead removal product and purchase it immediately. It was on a sale, lucky me. Cheap and effectively cosmetic product for all my family.

blackhead removal black mask

Amazing blackhead removal product

I was tired of visiting beauty saloons. I have preoccupied schedule every day. Last thing i need is wasting time somewhere without benefits. Those spent hours of beautification without visible results was over. Now i discovered this amazing product.

This blackhead removal black mask happens to be every woman dream. If you want to verify my words here is the link to check it out the product .

It was Wednesday evening when our purchase came in our doorsteps. It was very fast delivery. We waited only two days, and also cost free. The company is called Crystal Secret, recently estimated in the US. Great job guys! Your blackhead removal item is fantastic.

First thing we do was reading the blackhead removal mask instructions. We do as it was said.

Applying the mask

One of my girls prepared boiled water for facial steaming. I can tell it’s good thing to do time to time to clean your pores. No matter the age or gender you must take care for your skin. It is something worth investing in.

We clean our skin and apply the blackhead removal mask. The mask is black and smells lovely. It contain menthol so it gives you fresh feeling on your skin. My younger daughter was afraid removing it. She read somewhere about this peeling facial masks that they are painful. I told her no need to worry because removing dead skin sells can be unpleasant in some way, but nothing bad can happen.

Happy family

We looked each other and started smiling. My husband came in, so he started laugh very loud. He said to us: look at  my girls, they will be shining tomorrow like the sun. Every guy understands woman’s need for beauty. It is in our nature after all.

He took a photo of us. Just like that, with that black blackhead removal thing on our faces. It was very fun and awesome night. We were having great family facial night. Blackhead removal fun night.

No more blackheads

And the ceremonial moment of removing the mask. It was weirdly satisfying peeling your face. But, it was painless for sure. Looking all the crap coming out your pores was really something.

I read a article about this subject. Most of the people are addicted peeling off dead skin, or sunburn skin. I can say that is the best feeling this magical product can give you. It is like removing the dirt skin and reborn new one.

Wonderful experience for all of us. My little girls don’t have any more blackheads. As for me, my husband says i look ten years younger now. I highly recommend you this blackhead removal product.


01 Jun 2017
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