Travelling Tips for Senior Travelers to Ensure a Trouble Free Holiday Experience

If you are a senior traveler here are some tips that can help you to make your travelling experience even more interesting by making it a smooth and trouble free.

1) Plan ahead to make sure the special services are available

We all know that reserving air tickets way in advance will ensure cheaper air fares. But lso in addition to that in the case of a senior traveler it is important that everything is planned ahead to make sure the journey is as comfortable as possible. You will be able to book the tickets on exact dates you need without compromising for the dates available at the airlines and hotels.Also you can get the most direct or shortest travel routes. Also in case if any special services required, those who requested first will be given priority.

2) Make the documentation ready

If you do not have a passport apply in advance to avoid the chaos. The airlines are unable to issue a ticket without a documentation of identity. If you already have a passport make sure if it is still valid and if not, take the appropriate action (re-new or apply for a new passport).If you are undergoing any medical treatment or on regular medication request copies of the prescriptions. Also keeping the diagnosis cards and documentation with you can be handy.Prepare a list of important addresses and telephone numbers of the destination and have a set of copies in your carry luggage and another in your check in luggage.

3) Pre-order the special requirements

Make sure to request all the special requirements in advance. If you request them then and there it may not be possible. The priority will be always given for those who had requested them in advance. You may need special seating assignments to have more leg space, or a wheel chair to avoid over exhaustion even though you are well capable of walking. In addition you can carry yourself a “C shaped” travel pillow (aka neck pillow) to make things comfortable for you.

4) Pack only the essentials and give a break for your back

It is best to use a trolley type suit case to make things easy. Pack light and pack as much as you can to the suit case. A good trick to pack light is lay out everything you want to take with you on your bed and scrutinize them again and take reduce the items that are not essential.For instance instead of carrying many pairs of shoes you limit for 1 additional pair that can be matched with most of your outfits. Keep your carryon luggage very light making it limited to a change of clothes and the spectacles, medication, prescriptions and the other essentials.

5) Safety, Do not let thieves get into your money

The pickpockets may think that senior people are susceptible for theft but do not give them the satisfaction of robbing you. Always carry your money in a passage wallet that can be tucked under your clothes. Even if you think you are strong enough to fight such a rascal, it is better to avoid any incident with them. When they see you carrying a purse a wallet only you will be a potential target for them.

About the Author: Joanna Robinson is a content writer who loves to share her knowledge among internet users. These days she is writing about travelling tips and about Boutique hotels Colombo.

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