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Black mask

Black Mask

Article dedicated to pure beauty and amazing product, the Black Mask . For sure i can tell that this cosmetic innovation Black mask is the biggest ally of the woman’s beauty. Finding this little treasure in a tube changed my life completely. I will tell you my story about Crystal Secret peeling masque. Here is the link from their company so you can see it by yourself .

Black gold

I won’t exaggerate if i say i’m in love with the Black mask. Even though i wear makeup, there comes a time in your life when you must minimize it. This happened when i become a mother to my first child. Sleepless nights made me look into my priorities. I was having new role in my life, and lipstick was the last thing on my mind.

Still wanted to look good and beautiful, but hugging my baby with powder on wasn’t very ingenious. Since high school days i have two very best girl friends. I can share with them my every worry and happy moments. Knowing my woman’s nature, they told me about this fantastic cosmetic product.

“We know how you feel about yourself” was the first sentence. Every woman, mother or not, must take care for herself and her skin. None makeup on my face was very relived, but yet hard to get used to. It was like going naked all the time, funny indeed. Started to feel a little insecure and less attractive for my guy. There’s been a months since my last visit in a beauty saloon. My face and body started to loose their freshness and brightness.

Pure beauty 

My skin was pale with enlarged pores and a lots of blackheads on my nose and forehead. My friends was aware of my problem and offer me a help. I’m very grateful for their advice and for motivating me. They showed me the link of the Crystal Secret brand, and i made my order the same day.

There is no words to describe the happiness i felt the very first time i saw my face in the mirror. I peel of the mask of my face. As i was peeling the blackheads was coming out. Just like that, a magic visible for your eyes. My blackheads, dead skin cells and annoying hair fuzz were gone.

Standing in the bathroom, looking at my face i noticed my skin glowing. I’m applying the mask once in a week, before going to bed. Sleeping with clear skin on your face improves your sleep. Waking up with radiant glow and a smile is something worth to live for.

Ordering the black mask was the best thing i have done for me lately. I can cuddle with my little girl without leaving makeup prints on her. I’m telling you girls, no makeup is needed to feel fresh and beautiful in my own skin. I can have guests in my house any time of the day and still look excellent. That is why i wanted to share this story with you. Buy yourself the happiness you deserve and return your tip top condition.



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