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Charcoal face mask

Charcoal face mask

I got this charcoal face mask for my 28th birthday. My friend Crystal found this mask on the Internet. Funny, she was searching for similarities as her name is, so she came across this new brand. The Black charcoal face mask is from Crystal Secret company in the US, Idaho. Crystal is very grateful for discovering the mask and she wanted to surprise me.

“Your birthday was near, so I figured you would love this gift. I am sure it will make you magic for your skin. And you will remember me by this present.”  – she said to me few days after the birthday party.

Charcoal face mask

Red ribbon 

I received many special gifts from my dearest friends. But I must admit, my attention was focused on this one. It was packed in a black paper with a red ribbon on the top. When I opened my present, I saw the charcoal face mask and I smiled. The tube is black with red print on it. Very impressive and cute bottle I must say. I have just uploaded a picture from the Black Mask so you can get a clear perspective. Or, if you wish, just visit this link where you can also place an order: .

The brand

I was very happy about this present, my friend know me good for sure. Was willing to try it the next day, but first I had to check their web page. Used to hear about some charcoal face mask and their use, but have not try it. Also, this company was completely unfamiliar to me. Later I found out that this Crystal Secret firm is relatively new. The charcoal face mas was their first facial product.

This was something which kept my attention on the Internet that day. It was about removing all the black dots in your face and purifying in their own way. I felt something in my heart which connected me with this brand and show me the path to the beauty. The next thing I remember is that I was on the phone making a call to the company with a deep desire to order their amazing and extraordinary beauty product. When I received it only after few days it was a paradise for my eyes.

A cosmetic product not tested on animals! I learned after that, this company fights animal abuse. I was very happy about that because I am a huge animal lover and protector. Also, i have a cat and a dog in my home.

I tried the mask the same night. Made my face steam before applying it. Waited to be dried out enough so I can peel it easily. My personal experience with this kind of facials taught me to apply ticker layers. The more the better for your skin and pores. It won’t hurt at all when you have more of the mask on your face. The peeling was incredible and made my skin feel soft and sexy. My face was crystal clear like the name of the charcoal face mask.


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